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The Multinational Brassica Genome Project (MBGP)


This site collates and exchanges open source information relating to Brassica genomics and genetics, on behalf of the MBGP. The site contains registries of reference datasets and nomenclature standards, and searchable access to relevant databases. This includes a comprehensive compilation of ongoing public domain genome sequencing. In addition, a number of publications are made available exclusively from this site. We also host information for BMAP, the Brassicales Map Alignment Project.

Annotated B. napus genome

genoscope NEW! Brassica napus genome - consortium led by Dr Boulos Chalhoub, URGV (INRA), France.

Annotated B. rapa genome:

(B. rapa Chiifu genome at EBI Ensembl Plants link)


B. rapa Chiifu from PlantGDB/Phytozome

BRAD - B. rapa Database link
(Maintained at IVF-CAAS link)

Annotated B. oleracea genome:

Bolbase from OCRI
(B. oleracea genome at OCRI link)


(B. oleracea TO1000 genome at EBI Ensembl Plants link)

Additional information and data:

Brassica Genome Gateway link
(maintained at John Innes Center link)

CS for Brassica
(maintained at Rothamsted Research link

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Aug 22: Brassica napus Genome, published in Science has moved downunder

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