Overview of experimental and data resources

An increasingly wide range of Brassica genetics and genomics experimental resources have been developed and are being made available for sharing amongst the international research community.

MBGP nomenclature and registries

Entity Definition (BNF Nomenclature) Examples
  where < > surrounds categories, [ ] indicates an optional item and | denotes "or".  
plant_population_id [<GENUS INITIAL>{<species 2 initials>|<Cytodeme letter>}]{<POPULATION BnaTNDH_01
plant_line_name [<GENUS INITIAL>{<species 2 initials>|<Cytodeme letter>}]<POPULATION ABBREVIATION>[<POPULATION TYPE ABBRV.>]"_"<3 digit number> BnaTNDH_101
plant_accession <institute code>"_"<PERSON INITIALS><yy>{<leading zeroed number>|<accession from registry>|<plant line name>"_a"<integer> whri_GK0100564
scoring_unit_id "su_"<institue_id><YY>"_"<scoring unit identifyer>"_"<3 digit counter> su_hzau06_TNDH005_002 ; su_rres2004_Temple_034
trait_descriptor_id [<institution code>"_"]<Trait abreveation>"_"<integer counter>"_"<MEASURMENT LOCATION> rres_PLH_01_GH
plant_trial_id <institute id>"_"<yyyy>"_"[<location id>]<abreveated trial subject>"_"<leading zero counter> rres_2005_gh28105_01
design_factor_id "df_"<INSTITUTION ID>"_"<counter> df_HZAU_1059
occasion_id "occ_"<INST CODE>"_"<PERSON 2 INITIALS><MM><YY>"_"<3 digit counter> occ_RRES_EB0306_005
raw_dataset_id <filename>"."<file extention> *.xls
processed_trait_dataset_id <plant_trial_id>"_"<Trait abreveation of trait_descriptor_id>"_"<integer counter of trait_descriptor_id><letter counter> whri_2006_FE2CaMg_02_ShtMg_01a
linkage_map_name <GENUS INITIAL>". "<species> <POPULATION CODE>" "<Author citation>" "<year>" "[open text] B. napus DYDH Delourme et al. 2001 (A)
linkage_group_id <GENUS INITIAL><species 2 initials><POPULATION CODE>"_"<letter counter>"_"<yyyy><letter counter>"_"<published linkage group name>|{<genome assigned letter><group number>} BnaDYDH_01_2001a_u11
consensus_group_assignment <GENOME LETTER ASSIGNMENT><consensus group number> A1 ; A10
mapping_locus <institute code>_<single letter marker assay type designator>< MARKER ASSAY NAME>{<single letter locus counter> |_< 2-digit leading zero number locus counter> |_< 3-digit leading zero allele size>} whri_aE12M59_236
marker_assay_name <institute code>"_"[<single letter marker assay type designator>"_"]< MARKER ASSAY NAME>"_a"<integer counter> whri_aE12M59_a01
canonical_marker_name <marker name> E12M59 ; RA3E05 ; BRMS082 ; pW161
marker_set {<Lab Identifyer>|<Person Surname>|<Set Identifyer>}"_"<MARKER TYPE ACCRONYM>["_"<counter>] Osborn_lab_RFLPs_1
marker_variation <marker assay name>_v{<variant description>|<fragment length>} whri_aE12M59_a01v01

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