BrGSP sequencing status


The first phase of the project involved end-sequencing over 120,000 BACs from the KBrH and KBrB libraries.

The current status of sequencing (>= Phase II) is collated below for the BrGSP, with information drawn from chromosome specific projects, and includes initial work to establish 'seed' BACs carried out by the Korean project. Data are provided as downloadable MSExcel spreadsheets, as well as an MSAccess and MySQL database. Information is given on BACs in sequencing pipeline, and status.

Project Status
all BACs All BACs completed or in progress excel
Chromosome A1 UK + China (commenced 2007) , more detail excel
Chromosome A2 Canada link excel
Chromosome A3 Korea link (expect completed 2008), more detail link excel
Chromosome A4 UK + China (commenced 2008) , more detail excel
Chromosome A5 Japan excel
Chromosome A6 India excel
Chromosome A7 Australia (expect completed 2007) excel
Chromosome A8 UK + China (commenced 2007) , more detail excel
Chromosome A9 Korea link (expect completed 2008) , more detail link excel
Chromosome A10 Canada link excel
unassigned/seed all excel

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