Bacterial E. coli clones are widely used to isolate, sequence and characterise subsets of DNA and RNA sequences, and are especially useful for characterising complex genomes such as Brassica. A range of different classes of clones have been used to characterise Expressed Sequence Tages (ESTs), as well as for shotgun Genome Survey Sequencing (GSS) of Brassica. Longer insert clones, particularly those in Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes (BACs) have been an essential platform for large-scale genomic mapping and the ongoing sequencing project.

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BAC clone summary

Species Name Crop type Line Vector Laboratory Clone number Availability BAC-end Seqs Complete seqs More info
napus Lib 2

Winter rapeseed

Darmor-bzh pIndigoBAC INRA (Genoplante) 111,000 Boulos Chaloub - - INRA
napus Lib 1 Winter rapeseed Darmor-bzh pIndigoBAC INRA (Genoplante) 73,000 Boulos Chaloub - - INRA
napus JBnB rapeseed Tapidor JIC 89,444 JIC Genome Lab yes -
napus JBnY rapeseed Tapidor JIC JIC Genome Lab - -
napus DH12075 AAFC Isobel Parkin - -
napus China 80,000 - -
oleracea BoB Kailaan A12DHd pBeloBAC HRI / TAMU Carol Ryder - -
oleracea JBo PBL / JIC Ian Bancroft - - IGF
oleracea Early Big UC Davis 18,000 Carlos Quiros - -
oleracea T01434 U Georgia 73,000 Andy Paterson yes -
oleracea Badger Inbred 16 U Georgia 18,000 Andy Paterson - -
rapa KBrB Chinese cabbage Chiifu-401 CNU Yong Pyo Lim yes yes
rapa KBrE     Korea 23,040 Soo-Jin Kwon yes -
rapa KBrH Chinese cabbage Chiifu-401 CNU Yong Pyo Lim yes yes
rapa KBrS Chinese cabbage Chiifu-401 CNU Yong Pyo Lim yes yes
rapa JBr Y. Sarson R-O-18 PBL / JIC Ian Bancroft - - IGF

Other BAC resources:

BACMan database (Plant Genome Mapping Lab at the University of Georgia )
JIC Genome Lab

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EST clone summary

(this table currently being updated, Jan 2009)
Species Name Plant line/crop Tissue Lab Lisize Contact Number seqs Refs
napus   Samouri   INRA/Genoplante     34,000  
napus   DH12075   AAFC     2,993  
napus   DH12075   AAFC     1,147  
napus   DH12075   AAFC     125,000  
napus   DH12075   NRC-PBI     144,581  
napus   DH12075   NRC-PBI     11,924  
napus   DH12075   NRC-PBI     44,414  
napus   Express 617 young flowers & flower buds U of Bielefeld 8,747 Bernd Weisshaar  
rapa   Chiifu-401   NIAB, Korea     130,000  
rapa       AAFC     15,000  
rapa       NRC-PBI     14,814  
oleracea   A12DHd   AAFC/WHRI     18,679  
oleracea       NRC-PBI     5,643  
carinata       NRC-PBI     5,600  

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GSS clone summary

Detailed information on B. oleracea GSS Clones can be found here

Species name Crop type Line Vector Laboratory Lisize Contact Complete seqs Refs

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