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The Multinational Brassica Genome Project

  Previous National Projects
eu IMSORB link (Integrated Marker System for Oilseed Rape Breeding)
  Canadian Brassica/Arabidopsis Genome Initiative link
  Enhancing Canola through Genomics link
  UK Physical Mapping Project link
  UK Gene Flow Consortium link

MBrSP (Multinational Brassica rapa Sequencing Project)


The ERA-PG ASSYST project - Associative expression and systems analysis of complex traits in oilseed rape / canola.

MeioSYS (EU)

The EU FP7 MeioSYS project - Systematic Analysis of Factors Controlling Meiotic Recombination in Higher Plants.


oregin The Oilseed RapE Genetic Improvement Network (OREGIN link) was funded in the UK by Defra link. OREGIN aimed to provide the mechanisms and focus for the UK OSR R&D community and the necessary resources and information to enable genetic improvement of oilseed rape. OREGIN co-ordinates public and private sector research to with the aim of reducing inputs that consume non-renewable resources. The project has involved securing and making available reference genetic global resources relating both to oilseed rape and major fungal pathogens.


VeGIN The Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN link) is funded by Defra link. VeGIN combines the expertise of plant geneticists, breeders, physiologists, entomologists, pathologists, virologists and bioinformaticians with industry based networks. Using traditional breeding methods in unison with advanced modern breeding tools, together we aim to identify and characterise a diverse range of traits of economic and social importance to improve vegetable crops, specifically, leafy Brassica, salads, onion and carrot. VeGIN is uniquely positioned to identify and develop the wealth of genetic diversity within the Genetic resources Unit link at Warwick. The themes in VeGIN are developed in satellite projects funded by industry and other government funders and VeGIN provides underpinning resources for such projects. The output from this work will help to meet the challenges of future vegetable crop production.

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