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About this site

This site collates and exchanges open source information relating to Brassica genomics and genetics, on behalf of the Multinational Brassica Genome Project (MBGP). The site contains minutes of all MBGP meetings, registries of reference datasets and nomenclature standards, and links to searchable access within relevant databases. A mailing list is also available to share information with brassica colleagues worldwide. We aim to include a comprehensive compilation of ongoing public domain genome sequencing, and within MBGP have developed a Roadmap for the Brassica Information System.

In addition, a number of publications are made available exclusively from this site, and since 2018 we are aiming to increase the number of DOIs associated with key documents and reference information. We also host information for BMAP, the Brassicales Map Alignment Project.


"brassica.info" was established in 2002 following initial meetings of the Multinational Brassica Genome Project, and was originally hosted at the former Horticulture Research International, Wellesbourne, UK, then at Rothamsted Research, and currently at Southern Cross University, Australia.
original brassica.info website